Game Features

  • 16 different apocalyptic locations
  • 32 weapon upgrades to earn
  • 16 phenomenal skills to learn
  • 16 different sages to increase experience points
  • 14 skilled prepper trainers to hire with every learned skill
  • Platinum Bars to purchase those hard to acquire skills and combat upgrades
  • 10 categories to earn trophies and track your Skill
  • Countless prepper perks
  • Unique combination of prepper survival and adventure all in one game
  • 5 mega booster levels
  • 20 partner upgrades to help fight your enemy
  • 37 unique weapons
  • Exciting updates for every weapon

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Unique combination of survival clicker and
economics thriller

About Game

Are you a doomsday prepper who has a knack for thrill and adventure? Are you a survivalist? If the answer is yes, we have just the app for you! A FREE app, designed to quench the thirst of every adrenaline junkie and keep them on their toes. Through your iOS or Android phone or tablet, travel to different cities, overcoming wasteland enemies and building your character’s skills to reach your goal. The spine chilling story of a world in grave danger and how you can play a part in saving it, will reel you in before you even realize it.

This game takes you on a journey through 42 different cities of the world, where each city unravels its own mystery, where you must carefully fight every monster in the way. Use your finest skills combined with a wide range of weapons to upgrade and travel city to city unraveling the tale of the toxic waste that the world has become. In this time of peril, will you be the hero that the world needs?